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Getting A Healthier Immune System

What is the Immune System? 

The immune system is a complex system of many different glands with the sole purpose of producing different types of white blood cells that act as an army to defend against outside infective agents. Many of the health problems we encounter are a direct result of a weakened immune system.

In fact, some of these health issues that may be directly associated with a compromised immune system, and include arthritis, asthma, allergies, psoriasis, lupus, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, and a tendency to always be fighting off some kind of infection. Not everyone exposed to a virus or bacteria gets an infection, it is only those people with weak immune systems that become ill.

Improve Your Immune System

Before we start discussing what you can do to increase the functioning of your immune system, we should talk about what weakens your immune system in the first place. Lifestyle habits are one of the greatest depressors of the immune system.

Cheraskin, a medical and dental doctor, ran experiments where he subjected students to different types of stress and then tested their immune system. He found those common things like cigarette smoke, low blood sugar, and stress, drastically reduced immune function. One of his theories is that during a normal day, we may do things that severely limit the immune system to fight back against infections.

Other common conditions that restrict our immune system are high cholesterol diets, heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, alcohol, fried foods, food additives, obesity, industrial pollutants, pesticides, herbicides, prescription drugs, too much ultraviolet sunlight, and radiation. There are four major areas that should be considered when talking about improving the function of our immune systems:

Immune System and Nutrition

Our immune system depends on a series of reactions that begin in our bone marrow. There, cells are produced that will become either red or white blood cells. The ones that are used in the immune system then migrate to either the thymus gland, where they become T cells, or to the lymph tissue, where they become B cells. These are the soldiers in the immune system army. In order for this transformation process to occur, we must have adequate nutrition. Any deficiency in the essential nutrients will result in a weak army. 

One of the real problems is that when we are feeling well, we do not need a large army. When an infection attacks the body, our immune system needs to dramatically increase in size. The immune system needs dramatically higher levels of essential nutrients to fight the infection. Ironically, this occurs just when we feel sick and don't feel like eating.

Immune System and Exercise

A second important factor is exercise. Exercise in moderation stimulates the immune system. It also reduces stress-related hormones that suppress the immune system and normally impair proper function. When we exercise, the hormones are quickly used up and removed from the bloodstream.

These hormones are found elevated in people who suffer from depression, anxiety, low blood sugar, and attention deficit disorder/hyperactivity (ADHD). Type A personalities, excessive-compulsive personalities, and persons under stress also will produce more of these hormones. A short daily exercise program is one of the best antidotes for reducing the levels of these hormones.

Immune System and Sleep

Adequate sleep is another important component that stimulates our immune function. When we are in deep sleep, our immune system is actively fighting whatever invader has been detected. Poor sleep patterns only hamper our immune function.

Finally, your thoughts and mental outlook have a great bearing on your immune function. Norman Cousins wrote about his personal experiences with emotions and immune system. It is well known that going to bed depressed affects your immune function. Your emotional state is one of the most important factors in whether your immune system will respond or not.

How to Boost Your Immune System

Are are some specific nutritional requirements for improving the immune system. Your general diet is extremely important in keeping
your immune system strong. These general guidelines will keep your body in a ready state to battle infection:

  • Severely limit eating saturated trans fats, food additives, and alcohol.
  • Take daily a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement to obtain a broad base of essential nutrients.
  • Make sure your diet has adequate protein.
  • Make sure that you have an adequate intake of Vitamin C daily.
  • Eat 3 to 4 servings of vegetables daily.
  • Eat 2 to 3 servings of legumes weekly.
  • Eat 3 to 4 servings of omega3 fatty acid rich foods weekly.
  • Eat 2 to 3 servings of fruit a day.
If you do become sick, or simply feel weak, you may want to consider increasing these specific nutrients and foods. There are two different types of immunity problems. The first is cell mediated and controlled by our T cells. This form of immunity is dependent on proteins, Vitamins A, B-6, folic acid, C and E, and the minerals zinc, iron and selenium, and the essential fatty acids. The other form of immunity is known as humoral or antibody mediated and is controlled by our B cells. This form is dependent on proteins, vitamins B-1, B-2, B-3, B-S, B-6, folic acid, biotin and C and the essential fatty acids

In addition, specific nutrients have been shown to enhance immune function. These include substances like pycnogenol, grape seed extract, coenzyme Q10, probiotics, Echinacea and specific mushrooms like shitake, maitake and reishi.

Infections, like influenza and pneumonia, enter through our mouth and nose. Adding foods to our diet that are high in vitamin A and betacarotene, will strengthen the lining of the respiratory system. One of the first things you should do when you get that little tickle in your throat is to suck on a zinc lozenge. Do this every two hours for two days. This has been shown to not only reduce the chances of getting an infection but, if you are unlucky enough to come down with one, zinc has been shown to reduce the length of time that you have the infection. If you have the flu, try the following recommendations to speed up your recovery:

  • Drink plenty of liquids to prevent dehydration.
  • Get plenty of sleep and do not stress yourself. This reduces your immune response.
  • Do not use aspirin gums or throat sprays as they can irritate the mucous membranes.
  • Do not give aspirin to a child.
  • Do not take zinc at the same time as citrus juice or fruit as they decrease the effectiveness of the zinc.
  • Do not take alcoholic beverages with Tylenol. The combination has been linked to liver problems.
  • Cough or sneeze into disposable tissues, and dispose of them by flushing.
As you may have read, many germs are resistant to antibiotics. An alternative is to increase natural antibiotics from foods. The most famous one is garlic. Researchers at Cornell University have found that garlic, onion, oil of oregano and allspice are extremely effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses.

Think of your immune system like a football team. You need a constant defense against invaders, supported by a multivitamin-mineral complex and daily intake of foods like garlic and onions. When attacked, you want to go on the offence by increasing the specific nutrients needed to increase your white blood cell production. If needed, you want to send in the special team players like probiotics, coenzyme Q10 and others.

As you can see, there are many variables that can be used to enhance your immune system. Don't wait until you have come down with the flu to start them. By preparing your immune system to fight, you will avoid getting sick in the first place. If you do get sick, then you can use these tips to shorten the length of time that you are recuperating.


Dr. Michael Minond is leading Chiropractor in NYC who specializes in traditional chiropractic care, and finding natural remedies to overcome severe and chronic illness. Learn more by visiting his website.

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What is a Frozen Shoulder?

The most difficult problems in the shoulder are adhesive capsulitis or “frozen shoulder” and muscle/tendon injuries. The muscle tear usually occurs suddenly, but may be caused by repeated micro trauma.

The frozen shoulder is the development of a stiff shoulder in the absence of significant trauma. Sometimes trivial trauma will trigger an inflammation in the shoulder; frequently, there is no injury at all. The shoulder becomes stiff and, usually, painful in the early stages.

The shoulder consists of the arm bone that is held into a muscular socket. It is a ball and socket joint and looks like a golf ball being held against a tee. The tee is a shallow groove on your shoulder blade that has a thick piece of cartilage over it. A though joint capsule and three major muscles that form a cuff hold the ball of the arm against this socket, the rotator cuff.

The tendons of the rotator cuff muscles attach to the upper end of the arm bone and help to rotate the arm in the shoulder socket. Tears of the tendon can be caused by injury to the shoulder and/or the gradual degeneration of the tendons from pressure and friction caused by the overlying end of the shoulder blade.

Injuries or weakness in the muscles of the rotator cuff will cause some of the same symptoms. The symptoms of rotator cuff muscle injury consist of weakness and pain, particularly with arm elevation and at nighttime while sleeping. Diagnosis of this condition starts with observing how you move your arm.

There are characteristic abnormal motions that are used when one of these important muscles is injured. Then gentle testing of the muscle using palpation and muscle testing is used to isolate which muscle/tendon is damaged and what can be done to speed the healing process.

Many patients will have to undergo specific exercises to regain strength to the shoulder region. When you have a frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, this capsule becomes inflamed, stiff and sticky. It’s similar to what can happen when you have an eye infection. You may wake up one morning to find your eyelid is stuck shut.

Likewise, tissue in your shoulder capsule sticks together when it’s inflamed. That can cause pain and loss of movement. You may not even be able to move your shoulder enough to do everyday activities, such as comb your hair or reach for your wallet in your back pocket. Frozen shoulder can affect anyone, but you’re more likely to develop it if you’re over the age of 50.

Typically a patient will say that he/she had a fall a few months ago, or just overworked his/her arm around the house doing something he/she is not used to doing.
Most patients have favored their shoulder, taken anti-inflammatory drugs, and avoided strenuous activities. But the shoulder has not responded and become so stiff the patient can barely move it. And the pain is there even when they sleep. Obviously this is more easily treated at the beginning of the condition before the capsule becomes sticky.

As in the rotator cuff problem, treatment begins with a thorough examination of the muscles of the shoulder. There will often be trigger points, or knots, in the muscles that will need treatment. Specific treatments are used to allow the muscles to begin to move the shoulder properly and to allow the muscles to regain their normal lengths.

The patient is actively involved in this healing process by performing daily home exercises and stretching. All exercises should be given by your chiropractor, doctor, or physical therapists to make sure you are doing them correctly.

The final word is not to allow this condition to set up. Remember that this takes weeks and months to happen. If you injure your shoulder and the ache or restriction is not improving, don’t wait until it freezes up to seek medical attention.


Dr. Michael Minond is a leading NYC Chiropractor who specializes in traditional chiropractic care and finding natural remedies for chronic and severe illness. Learn more by visiting his website.

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Why You Should Avoid Over the Counter Supplements

Man reading the labels of over the counter vitamins.
Herbal supplements are very valuable in alternative medicine because they often work when other methods of healing don't. For this reason, many people with serious illnesses attempt to self-medicate by purchasing supplements for themselves or family members that can be found over-the-counter in any store.

The supplements are not as safe as people think they are, though. Read on for more information about why it is important to do your research before buying, or taking, any of these over-the-counter herbal supplements.

Easy Access

The convenience of heading to the supermarket for inexpensive medicine is often what draws people into purchasing over-the-counter supplements in the first place. It understandably sounds more appealing than going to a doctor that charges a significant fee for a prescription that also costs a lot. But, herbal supplements sold at supermarkets are not really saving people money just because they are so easily accessible. Many of them don't even contain any herbal medicine whatsoever.

Testing has been done on several frequently sold store brand herbal supplements, and many of them contained a wide mix of various ingredients and barely any (or none at all) of what the label claims is in the product. People taking what is essentially a placebo believe they are getting medicine when they aren't. Also, the mix of ingredients in the herbal supplements isn't safe because a person might be allergic to something that was added to the product, but they wouldn't know it until after taking it.

Hidden Information

Very little information is given on the packages of store-bought over-the-counter herbal supplements. It might say something small in the fine print, but generally there is no supporting evidence or list of side effects offered. There is also often no one to talk to about why the product might be good or bad for you because most store pharmacists are not trained in all of the various forms of these supplements. Anytime a product is being pushed without factual-based evidence supporting it; consumers should always be wary of it.

Dangerous Side Effects

Just because a product is sold on a store shelf, doesn't mean it is completely safe. The FDA does not monitor a lot of the products offered, which means that most of them have no standardization or review of their safety and effectiveness. Also, many herbal supplements have dangerous side effects not listed on the labels. For instance, kava kava can cause liver and kidney damage, but it is often sold as a natural based sleep aid for insomniacs. Overuse of it can often lead to dependency just like other kinds of nighttime sleep aid products.

There is also no information given to consumers in regards to the possible side effects that can occur if herbal supplements are taken together or with other prescription drugs. Anyone considering an herbal supplement should discuss whether it could interfere with any of their other medicines with their doctor. But, unfortunately, by taking over-the-counter versions instead of those based on prescriptions, doctors, unfortunately, do not know until a person ends up in the emergency room.

Sold Without Proof

Some herbal supplement companies will sell consumers products that have no value to their health whatsoever. They advertise false claims about their efficacy to make money with no regards to people at all. Their unsubstantiated claims give false hope to people possibly looking for a cure for cancer or help with fertility. The products prey on people's fears instead of actually doing them any good.

A good example of this is a type of bird's nest that is sold as an expensive herbal supplement. People are told to make soup with it, and then feed it to their elderly family members to help them live longer. While the bird's nest soup has no medical value at all, their family members purchase it because of the guilt inflicted on them through the herbal supplement company's false advertising claims of what can happen if they don't.

To avoid these potential safety issues, see a qualified nutritional care practitioner or Integrated Nutritionist. They will give you a proper nutritional evaluation, determine your specific requirements, and refer healthy holistic or Standard Process supplements that have value to your health and can help rather than act as a placebo or offer harmful side effects or contraindications.

Dr. Michael Minond is a leading New York City Chiropractor who specializes in chiropractic treatment of the spine and Integrated Nutrition. Learn more by visiting his website at

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Staying Healthy For The Fall Season

Hiking is a fun, healthy exercise to do during the Fall season.
The air becomes cool and crisp, the leaves are falling, and everywhere you look all you see is pumpkin flavored everything. It is fall, and with fall comes a weakened immune system and frequent colds and sniffles.

Most people think that it is just that time of year, that there is no way to prevent or cure the common cold. But if you follow a few precautions, the likelihood of you becoming ill are greatly reduced so you can enjoy all that the fall has to offer instead of staying in bed coughing and sneezing the whole season.

Vitamin C

Ascorbic Acid, or Vitamin C, is one of the most well-known vitamins on the market today. It is known for its health benefits that work by boosting your immune system. It is recommended that you intake about 200 mg of Vitamin C daily to achieve the optimal function of your immune system that will, in turn, keep you healthy during the fall months. There are many ways you can get Vitamin C including various citrus fruits, like orange and orange juice or you can take whole food supplements. Vitamin C is considered one of those vitamins you can take in mega doses should you feel yourself starting to get sick and it will keep the illness at bay or shorten your cold and flu symptoms. This might be the closest we have to a cure for the common cold.

Healthy Eating

One of the biggest obstacles people have is eating healthy. You can take all of the supplements available, jog every day and stay at a healthy weight, but if you eat junk food all day, every day, your chances of becoming sick in the fall are pretty high. In fact, you will likely be the one everybody at work hates because you are never there. This is not to say that you cannot have the occasional candy bar or drive-through lunch, but maybe order a salad instead of fries with your hamburger or make a nice healthy dinner that will counteract your fast food lunch and candy bar.

When it comes to diet, the most important thing is to include plenty of green veggies so if you don't want a salad, be sure to cook up some green beans, broccoli or asparagus. Also, a nice green salad is a great complement to any meal, and you can throw in virtually anything you want, except chocolate.

Healthy Lifestyle

As the summer winds down and the air becomes cooler, most people stop going outside and enjoying all that nature offers, but really, the fall is the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoors. As you go outside, you will be using muscles and energy that promotes a healthy body. After all, an active body is a healthy body, and a healthy body is one that is less likely to get sick during the prime cold and flu season. There are many activities that you can do to enjoy the crisp air including jogging, hiking, and even camping. As the winter approaches it is healthy to bundle up and snowshoe or ski, just getting outside to work your body will keep you healthy.

Most people think that the sunshine is only beneficial in the summer, but this is far from the truth. In fact, the vitamin D that the sun emits is highly beneficial to your overall health regardless of whether it is 90 degrees or -40 degrees.

More Sleep, Less Stress

It is a known fact that your body needs a good rest to maintain a healthy immune system, but it is also important to mix plenty of rest with a low-stress lifestyle. The basic rule is that you should get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night, but you should also combine that with little stress. If you become too stressed out, this will affect your sleep cycle and eventually it will affect your health.

If stress is simply something you cannot get away from, then you need to find some form of healthy stress relief like swimming, jogging, working out or just hanging out with friends. Just be sure to unwind and relax to erase the stresses of your day.

There is no cure for the common cold, but there are things that you can do to keep yourself healthy. If you follow these easy tips while maintaining basic hand washing practices and not exposing yourself to infected people, you should enjoy a fun and healthy cold and flu season.

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How Chiropractic Adjustments Relieve Back Pain

Chiropractor adjusting a patient's lower back to relieve pain.
Chiropractic medicine involves treatment of nervous system and musculoskeletal system disorders. The treatments used by chiropractors do not involve surgery, but rather manipulation of the spine and other manual techniques.

Chiropractic adjustments have proven to be effective in the alleviation of various forms of back, neck, shoulder and joint pain, among other ailments.

What is Chiropractic Treatment?

The overarching theory of chiropractic medicine is that proper spinal alignment can alleviate pain and other symptoms with more long-term success than traditional medical or surgical treatments. Proper spinal alignment, it is believed, will aid the body in healing itself without outside intervention. Chiropractors target their manipulation to areas such as ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bones, muscles and joints. Sometimes chiropractic techniques can be effectively used with traditional medical treatments.

What to Expect

Your chiropractor will likely talk to you first to learn about your medical history and what symptoms you are currently experiencing. Be sure to disclose exactly the kinds of problems you are experiencing. Providing specific details will help your doctor to treat the problem. He or she will then perform a thorough physical exam, and it's likely that diagnostic tests like x-rays and lab work will be conducted or ordered.

Your doctor will use the information gained to develop a treatment plan for you that will be used to relieve your particular lower back pain issues. This plan will involve manual adjustments and will probably also include some exercise or rehabilitation. Nutritional counseling may also be a component in your plan, as chiropractors believe in treating the whole person.

Kinds of Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractors use primarily manual therapy to relieve lower back pain and other soreness related to spinal and nervous system issues. Sometimes they employ lasers or other electronic equipment to assist in the manipulations, as well.

The idea of chiropractic adjustments can sometimes cause patients some anxiety, as they don't know what to expect and fear that such manipulation will be painful. A controlled force is used to manipulate the joints and to restore adequate range of motion, but practitioners of chiropractic are trained and skilled in performing these movements in such a way as to not cause unnecessary pain to their patients.

While the spinal manipulations are high-velocity, rapid movements, low-velocity manipulation is also frequently used in chiropractic care. This kind of treatment involves movement and stretching of the joints and muscles. It is known as mobilization, and it aids in increased range of motion for patients.

Benefits and Risks of Chiropractic

Chiropractic treatments are widely accepted as safe and effective means of treatment for acute back pain. Acute pain is different from chronic, long-lasting pain, and it is more frequently experienced by patients. Acute pain refers to pain that usually results from trauma or injury. Such pain can get better on its own and normally doesn't last more than six weeks or so. There may be risks to patients with issues such as arthritis, spinal cord compression, osteoporosis or who are taking blood-thinning medicine. Always communicate with your chiropractor regarding your medication use and other medical conditions.

Chiropractic adjustments can be a very effective way to manage and obtain relief from your back pain. Working with a chiropractor will allow you a more natural alternative to traditional medical intervention and has been shown to provide long-lasting relief.

Dr. Michael Minond is a leading New York City Chiropractor who specializes in chiropractic treatment of the spine. Learn more by visiting his website at

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Tips to Prevent Neck Pain

Holistic Tips from NYC Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Minond, on how to prevent neck pain.
Four out of ten people today experience neck pain at some point in their lives. It can happen anywhere in the neck, normally at the bottom of the head or at the top of the shoulders. Neck pain can be caused by numerous factors, but it is mostly prevalent to low back pain.

Muscle strain due to long hours hunched at the office desk or behind the steering wheel as well as being in an awkward position when sleeping can highly impact the neck. Neck pain can also be caused by infection, injury, or diseases like cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

Patients may feel stiffness that can last for days, but if not treated immediately, serious complications may occur, such as osteoarthritis and spondylosis. Most people, however, think that neck pains are all the same, but there are two kinds.

When you suddenly wake up in the morning having pain twisting your neck to one side, then what you have is acute torticollis. This normally happens because of an injury to the neck muscles after being in an unusual position or cold draught. The good news is it generally lasts only a day or two. Cold compresses three times a day for 48 hours followed by a hot compress three times a day usually does the trick to relieve pain.

However, there are neck pains that are caused by more serious complications. Cervical spondylosis is a neck pain caused by "wear and tear" of the bones and joints. Here, pain is not only isolated at the neck; it can also radiate to the hands and legs because of pinched nerves due to wear. It normally happens to aged people, and it comes without any symptoms. Professional pain management may be required to fix this or alleviate this issue.

Ways to Prevent Neck Pain

Our neck is an important part of the spine that houses our spinal cord and nerves. And just as the saying goes, neck pain due to strain or injury can really be a "pain in the neck." Fortunately, there are ways to prevent neck pain.

First is to strengthen your neck with easy-to-do exercises that do not take much time for you to do everyday, especially when you need to take a break from strenuous activities that put too much toll on your neck. Here are examples of exercises that leave you with no excuses about having no time, even if you sit all day at your desk, or work for hours at a computer.

You can start with shoulder exercises, as it not only prevents shoulder stiffness, but also neck pain. First is to shrug your shoulders up to the ears and hold them for 2 to 5 seconds. Then relax your shoulders and rotate your shoulder pads forward and backward. You can do 5 to 10 repetitions of this for best results.

Follow this with neck stretches, such as lowering your chin down to your chest, leaning your head backwards, lowering your ear to your shoulder, and doing the chin to shoulder stretches. All these positions should be held for 10 to 15 seconds and must be repeated at least five times.

Paying extra attention to your body mechanics is a great way to prevent neck pain. When you do not hold your body correctly as you sit, sleep, stand, or go about things everyday, the neck may be subjected to stressors, which can later build up and cause pain.

Most strain on the neck is caused by staying in one position for a long time while reading or working. For this reason, it is best you maximize correct positions while doing your task. It is important that you monitor a neutral posture. Make sure that your eyes are level with the monitor or whatever you are reading.

To do this, the distance between your chin and your chest should be at four fingers. Bending your head or arching your neck up can cause neck stress. Also, your shoulders should be down and elbows close to the body. Back support like pillows or adjustable office chairs for curves in the spine is not only good for your back, but also for your neck. Likewise, watch out for your arms. They should be parallel to the floor with both your feet flat on the floor for proper blood circulation.

Body mechanics also go with your sleeping habits. Make sure you use pillows that keep your neck at a comfortable straight position. Also, avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that extra weight contributes to pressure on the spine, which goes along from your neck to your shoulders and down to your lower back. For those who are obese, the injury to the spine and the neck is even greater. Engaging yourself on activities that keeps you active as well as having a balanced diet can surely prevent not only neck pains, but also diabetes, heart attack, and other degenerative diseases due to being overweight.

Neck pain is inevitable at some point during our lives because of the repetitive and strenuous things we do at everyday. However, preventive measures can free you from any limits brought about by such pain. 

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Why You Should Consider Taking Standard Process Calcifood Supplements

Why you should consider taking Standard Process Calcifood Supplements and its health benefits.
Standard Process Calcifood supplements provide many benefits over leading brand calcium supplements. The high amounts of calcium and raw bone powder present in this supplement provides maximum absorption for building and maintaining strong, healthy bones and teeth.

Calcifood is specially formulated with 200 mg of calcium, amino acids, enzymes and minerals, and it is believed to be the only product of its kind on the market.

What is Calcifood?

The key ingredient in Calcifood is raw bone powder derived from the spines and ribs of veal. The raw bones are ground into a powder then frozen.

The frozen powder is then dried in a dryer along with non-fat wheat germ to absorb the marrow. The dried powder is then ground into a fine powder for a premium grade calcium product. Other ingredients include carrot root, date fruit, rice bran, honey, cellulose, bovine bone, collagen, dicalcium phosphate and calcium stearate. Calcifood supplements are available in powder and wafer form.

Benefits of Standard Process Calcifood Supplements

This high quality calcium blend boasts a number of benefits including supports cell structure, heart function, muscle twitch, blood clotting and nerve impulse. Other benefits of Calcifood include:

  • Contains whole food bone - raw bone contains copper, phosphorous, magnesium, amino acids, proteins, enzymes and vitamins in its purest form, which is essential for maximum nutrient intake and absorption.
  • Keeps teeth and bones strong - quality calcium absorption is key to maintaining healthy teeth and bones throughout your lifetime. The maximum-grade calcium blend in this product helps ensure that you receive the nutrients necessary for maintaining bone health.
  • Helps strengthen connective tissue - the carrots in Calcifood contain silicon which is great for strengthening connective tissue.
  • Promotes calcium metabolism - calcium cannot be absorbed in the body without the presence of other nutrients vital for its absorption. Calcifood contains trace minerals, enzymes, proteins and vitamins necessary for calcium absorption.
  • Promotes healthy blood formation - veal marrow plays an important role in blood formation.
  • Provides optimal support for human organs - the whole food animal extract in this product provides vital support to human organs.
  • Organic farming method - organic farming methods help ensure plants' nutrition stays intact and that plants are free of chemicals.
  • Available in powder form - the powder form makes it easier to swallow. It can be mixed with smoothies and other drinks, or sprinkled on foods for easy consumption.
  • Not boiled like other supplements - Calcifood is harvested under low temperatures so it retains its high nutrient content.
  • Contains up to 600 MG of calcium - Calcifood in powder form provides up to 600 MG of calcium.

How Are Calcifood Supplements Processed?

The plants used in this product are harvested and immediately washed to maintain their nutritional value. The plants are then processed and preserved, using low temperatures and high vacuum methods to further preserve the nutritional integrity of the plant.

Plants are processed in an onsite lab under the strict supervision of skilled chemists and microbiologists who perform regular tests of raw materials and finished batches for safety and quality. Analyses include tests for bacteria as well as vitamin and mineral content to validate the content and specifications of the product.

Why Your Body Needs Calcium

Drinking milk is not enough to contribute to bone and teeth health, neither is consuming low-quality calcium supplements. To reap the benefits of calcium, you need a readily available source of calcium such as Standard Process Calcifood, which is bone that contains all the key ingredients necessary for calcium absorption.

Calcium is not only important for maintaining strong teeth and bones, but it is also imperative for performing various psychological functions. A great number of people fall short on receiving the adequate amount of calcium due to a number of reasons, such as selecting foods with low or no calcium content or consuming foods that limit calcium absorption. Standard Process Calcifood helps ensure you receive the calcium needed for optimal health.

Your bone-building regimen should include a high quality calcium supplement along with weight lifting of some kind and a proper diet. According to experts, resistance training helps build strong bones naturally. Your diet can also affect your bone health. If you are consuming high amounts of acid drinks such as soda or foods high in sugar or starch, you may want to think about eliminating these foods from your diet.

Consuming these foods or drinks in excess depletes your body of calcium, which forces your body to turn to calcium stored in your bones, blood and DNA for use. If you suffer from osteoporosis, broken bones, periodontal disease and more, contact Dr. Michael Minond to find out if this supplement is right for you.

Dr. Michael Minond
Manhattan Chiropractor